Compact Review 2013

Why did we review the compact?

A lot has changed since the first Shropshire Local Authority area Compact was formed in 2009. A refreshed National Compact was published in 2011 and Public Sector reforms have changed commissioner and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector relationships.

Local partners agreed it was  necessary to ensure that the Compact was extended to include the Shrosphire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office and other local partners. In including these partners in our review we hoped to establish a Compact that can define behaviours in which public sector partners can best work with the voluntary sector.

Getting input from all parties was integral to gaining wide support of The Compact. Partners involved in the review included representatives from Clinical Commissioning Groups, Voluntary and Community Sector Assembly, Shropshire Council, Shropshire Association of Local Councils and Police and Crime Commissioner.

What happened?

In February, the first Compact Review Group meeting established that work was needed to allow partners to understand the importance of the Compact and how their input is vital to successful partnership working in the future.

The local compact needed to reflect the changes happening across local and national levels. At the meeting it was decided that it would be worthwhile engaging a small working group in a discussion day that would include experts from the National Compact to brief partners on how to go about reviewing a Compact.

The Compact Review Day looked to bring together a number of key partners to work further towards an enhanced renewal of The Compact.

A number of smaller meetings followed before a final Compact document was drafted and consulted on widely.

All 16 VCS Assembly Forums of Interest were involved in the Compact review conversations and public sector leads undertook work within their own organisations to ensure the draft committments could be followed through.

The resulting Compact 2014 is available here: Shropshire Compact 2014

To find out more about the work that took place in 2013 contact the VCS Assembly.

Email: or telephone Sarah Dodds, Feedback and Insight Team Leader on 01743 252740.

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