The Compact

The current Shropshire Compact 2014 is an agreement that sets out the “rules of engagement” for how Shropshire Council and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) should work together for the benefit of the people they serve.  The Compact is more than a document – it is also a way of working that recognises the benefits of working together better.

To embed good practice in partnership working.

The Shropshire Compact is based on a number of shared values, to:

• Recognise the value and diversity of the voluntary and community sector
• Be open and transparent in our actions and expectations in working together
• Recognise the constraints within which we work
• Treat each other equally, fairly and with respect
• To work together to best serve local people and our communities

Shropshire Compact Themes

The following themes have been developed to best highlight Shropshire Compact commitments.

1. Stronger and Effective Partnerships
2. Effective Engagement
3. Sharing Information
4. Allocating Resources
5. Enabling Change
6. Delivering Outcomes and Social Value
7. Quality in Delivery

We have produced a Shropshire Compact Leaflet as an introduction to the Compact.

We reviewed our compact  in 2013 to take into account new partnerships and ways of working across Shropshire. Key areas of work included:

  • Working across VCS Assembly members and the public sector to agree a new Compact document. Consulting widely on a draft.
  • Encouraging new public sector partners to sign up to the Compact Memorandum of Understanding and revised Compact.
  • Reviewing national best practice.
  • Making changes to reflect The National Compact.
  • Developing good practice resources and checklists to support Compact working.
  • Making use of communication tools to keep all partners up to date with Compact and partnership working.
  • Compact issues and dispute resolution.
  • Compact evaluation and review.

The revised Compact and its supporting resources has been designed to help voluntary and community groups and the public sector get the best out of their working relationships.

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