Annual Assembly 2013

VCS Annual Assembly 2013 Audience

VCS Assembly Members at the Annual Assembly on 24th April 2013

A summary of the VCS Annual Assembly 2013 is available for members who were unable to attend – Report of VCS Annual Assembly 24th April 2013 pdf

The attached press release provides a brief summary of the event – VCS Annual Assembly Press Release 25 April 2013

A copy of the Agenda is available to act as a reference point for the presentations attached below. VCS Annual Assembly 24th April 2013 – Agenda


  1. Welcome and introduction – Sonia Roberts – AA Welcome Presentation – SR
  2. Welfare Reform Overview – Jackie Jeffrey – Overview Welfare Reform Presentation – JJ
  3. Impact of Welfare Reform – Steph Jackson – Impact of Welfare Reform Presentation – SJ
  4. Annual Report – Sonia Roberts – VCSA Annual Report Presentation – SR
    The VCSA Terms of Reference 2013-14 were agreed.
    VCS Assembly Annual Report 2012-2013
  5. Forum Updates – Forum Leads
    Forum of Interest Descriptions 2013
  6. Priorities 2013/14 – Jackie Jeffrey – VCSA Priorities Presentation – JJ
  7. Shropshire CCG: Building Partnerships – Helen Herritty – CCG Presentation – HH
    Diagram – CCG Structure
    Leaflet – The CCG Board
  8. The Compact Memorandum of Understanding containing key Compact principles was signed by Helen Herritty, Chair of the CCG and Jackie Jeffrey, Chair of the VCSA.
    Compact Presentation and Activity- Sonia Roberts and Jackie Jeffrey – Compact Presentation – SR JJ
    Compact Activity Feedback – Compact Activity Feedback 24th April 2013


  1. Welfare Reform – VCSA Board to consider need for improved awareness of support available in Shropshire.
  2. Membership to supply evidence of the impact of Welfare Reform (VCSA Support Team to contact members and request information).
  3. Members to contact VCSA Support Team if they would like more information about the Forums of Interest.
  4. Organise a session to explain ‘Any Qualified Provider’.
  5. Distribute leaflets from CCG (attached above with CCG presentation).
  6. Make Memorandum of Understanding available (attached above with Compact presentation).

A summary of the evaluation forms received is attached here Event Evaluation VCS Annual Assembly 2013. More detailed comments have also been collated for use in planning the VCS Annual Assembly 2014.


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