Local Commissioning

There are many changes taking place within Shropshire Council as the structures and approaches needed to establish the Council as a commissioning authority are introduced. The Council will move from being a service provider, to a service specifier, from being a problem solver to working in new ways to prevent problems from developing.

Shropshire Council aims to deliver value for money for Shropshire people by commissioning outcomes based on demand. The work will be implemented in partnership; working with Elected Members, public sector partners, local councils and a range of other bodies including Shropshire’s voluntary and community sector groups and organisations.

One of the main approaches that has been introduced is local commissioning. Local commissioning seeks to embed collaborative working at the local level, based on local need, local demand and local provision of policies, programmes and services. It will assist in making the best use of available resources (working to best manage reductions in public sector budgets). Local commissioning will also support communities to design a shared vision, and to gather the information and resources needed to become commissioning ready.

The Pilot

Church Stretton was Shropshire’s first community to implement local commissioning. VCS Assembly members and other VCS groups and organisations working in Church Stretton have supported the development of the approach. A particular area of focus is the work of the Mayfair Centre.

Local Governance

In each community working on local commissioning a partnership body will be established to provide governance and oversee new ways of working.  These local boards will include support and leadership from the local Shropshire Council elected members and representatives of the local town and parish councils. These Boards will provide the local interface between the community it represents, the bodies that will commission services and the organisations that will deliver them.

To find out more about the work taking place in Shropshire please follow this link:

Local Commissioning, Shropshire Council

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