Board Members’ Code of Conduct

Board members of Shropshire VCS Assembly promise to abide by the fundamental values that underpin all the activity of the Assembly. These are:


Everything Shropshire VCS Assembly does will be able to stand the test of legitimate scrutiny.

Integrity and honesty

These will be the hallmarks of all conduct when dealing with colleagues within Shropshire VCS Assembly and equally when dealing with individuals and institutions outside it.


Shropshire VCS Assembly strives to maintain an atmosphere of openness throughout the organisation to promote the confidence of the public, stakeholders, staff, charity regulators and Parliament.

Additionally, Board members sign a statement to agree to the following points:

Law, mission, policies

• I will not break the law or go against the Terms of Reference or any agreed protocols of the Assembly in any aspect of my role of Assembly Board Member.

• I will support the Aims of the Assembly and consider myself its guardian.

• I will abide by organisational policies.

Conflicts of interest

• I will always strive to act in the best interests of the Assembly.

• I will declare any conflict of interest, or any circumstance that might be viewed by others as a conflict of interest, as soon as it arises.

• I will submit to the judgment of the Assembly Board and do as it requires regarding potential conflicts of interest.

Person to person

• I will not break the law; go against the Terms of Reference or any agreed protocols of the Assembly or act in disregard of organisational policies in my relationships with fellow Assembly members, staff, volunteers, members, service recipients, contractors or anyone I come into contact with in my role as Assembly Board member.

• I will strive to establish respectful, collegial and courteous relationships with all I come into contact with in my role as Assembly Board member.

Protecting the Assembly’s reputation

Wherever possible:

• I will not speak as a Board member of the Assembly to the media or in a public forum without the prior knowledge and approval of the Chair.

• When I am speaking as a representative of the Assembly, my comments will reflect current organisational policy even when these do not coincide with my personal views.

• When speaking as a private citizen I will strive to uphold the reputation of the organisation and those who work in it.

• I will respect organisational, board and individual confidentiality.

• I will take an active interest in the organisation’s public image, noting news articles, books, television programmes and the like about the organisation, about similar organisations or about important issues for the organisation.

Personal gain

• I will not personally gain materially or financially from my role as Assembly Board member nor will I permit others to do so as a result of my actions or negligence.

• I will not accept substantial gifts or hospitality without the prior consent of the Chair.

• I will use organisational resources responsibly, when authorised, in accordance with procedure.

At board meetings

• I will strive to embody the principles of leadership in all my actions and live up to the trust placed in me by Shropshire VCS Assembly.

• I will abide by Board governance procedures and practices.

• I will strive to attend all Board meetings, giving apologies ahead of time to the Chair if unable to attend.

• I will study the agenda and other information sent me in good time prior to the meeting.

• I will seek to bring the representative views of the Forum which has nominated me to the meeting and be prepared to debate and vote on agenda items during the meeting.

• I will ensure that the outcomes agreed at the Board meeting are shared with all members of my Forum.

• I will honour the authority of the Chair and respect his or her role as meeting leader.

• I will engage in debate and voting in meetings according to procedure, maintaining a respectful attitude toward the opinions of others while making my voice heard.

• I will accept a majority Board vote on an issue as decisive and final.

• I will maintain confidentiality about what goes on in the boardroom unless authorised by the Chair or Board to speak of it.

Enhancing governance

• I will participate in induction, training and development activities for Assembly Board members.

• I will continually seek ways to improve Board governance practice.

• I will strive to identify good candidates for Assembly membership and appoint new Forum representatives on the basis of merit.

• I will support the Chair in his/her efforts to improve his/her leadership skills.

Leaving the board

• I understand that a substantial breach of any part of this code may result in my removal from the Assembly Board.

• Should I resign from the Board I will inform the Chair in advance in writing, stating my reasons for resigning. Additionally, I will participate in an exit interview, if required by the Chair.

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