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Why is VCS representation important?

  • The VCS shares the same overall objectives as public sector organisations: working to best serve and support local people and the communities of Shropshire.
  • The VCS Assembly Board and Forums of Interest are able to coordinate communication and consultation mechanisms where evidence is required to support local decision making.
  • VCS bodies are often able to provide:
    • Information concerning local action, projects and services
    • Knowledge of community groups and demographics
    • An understanding of neighbourhood characteristics
    • Awareness of community issues and concerns
  • VCS involvement in partnership working to tackle common issues can help to generate more holistic solutions to local problems and avoid duplication.
  • VCS bodies are often able to demonstrate greater flexibility and speed of response in the design of new local services or initiatives.
  • The VCS has experience of working to address the most deep rooted problems often experienced by people whose circumstances make them most vulnerable.
  • The VCS is well placed to attract additional resources to an area building on knowledge and experience of external funding, local and national networks and using volunteers.