New report from The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation

The King’s Fund, supported by the Health Foundation, has been studying the local response to and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.  They have published their findings in Directors of public health and the Covid-19 pandemic ‘A year like no other’.

Directors of public health encountered various challenges over the year-long study, including workforce shortages within public health teams and central government not sufficiently engaging with directors of public health on major elements of the Covid-19 response. Despite these challenges, they played a pivotal role. They found that not only did directors of public health deliver their formal role in the local public health system, many also played a much broader role in engaging local communities, facilitating vital social support and acting as a lynchpin within the broader response.

As the nation tentatively looks ahead to recovery from Covid-19, the Kings Fund believe directors of public health should retain their position at the centre of local decisions about health and wellbeing, and their role needs to be fully recognised and embedded in the emerging new health and care structures.

To read the full report please click here


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