NCVO – The latest results from the Respond, Recover, Reset survey

Last round we asked about expectations for the coming month, here are just some of the headlines:

  • 30% reported a deteriorating financial position in the last month.
  • 60% expect their financial position to remain the same over the next month.
  • 59% expect an increase in demand for their services over the next month.
  • 68% of respondents expect covid-19 to have a moderate or significant negative impact on delivering their objectives next year.

Behind the headlines, it was evident that the response to covid-19 has seen a shift in the relationship between VCSE organisations and local authorities. Through collaboration some organisations reported that they had grown their networks, shared knowledge and engaged in partnerships.

There were also clear indications that a few organisations struggled to maintain relationships with their local authorities, citing frequent changes in staff, or lack of interest or knowledge in the sector as key barriers to engaging. This month’s report shows some of the headlines from wave 6 of the barometer survey and looks a little closer at the changing relationships between VCSE organisations and local authorities. Check out the full report to find out more. And as ever, you can let us know your thoughts by getting in touch with the team or if you have yet to do so – take part in the latest round of the barometer survey (open until 26.04.2021).

Our reports have already been shared with policy makers and industry leaders. The results of the study have also been presented recently to All-Party Parliamentary Group and DCMS’ Civil Society Stakeholder Group.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the organisations who have taken part in and/or shared the seventh monthly Respond, Recover, Reset barometer survey so far – and those promoting the study to their networks (please get in touch if we can assist with any promotional materials)

The more organisations that complete the survey the more impact it has. It is quick, easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. Each round has a set of general questions, with some focussing on a theme (for example, this month we are looking at the ways organisations may interact with local authorities). Also, as a small thank you to everyone who takes part, each month there is the option to enter a draw to win £200, and a £2000 prize draw at the end of the project (see here for more info).

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