Covid restriction easing and roadmap progress

There are an array of attachments here that may be of use when re-opening Community Centres.

As we reopen it will help to plan ahead, so there are set of documents attached that include;

  • Reopening planning – thoughts about what steps to take that introduces the other documents
  • Community building risk assessment template
  • Community building risk assessment guidance
  • Consulting hirers – suggested content
  • GOV info regarding public toilet reopening
  • Suggested content for guidelines for hirers and visitors
  • A checklist to tick things off so you know where you are at

checklist-for-community-halls (003)

Community buildings – reopening planning

Community Buildings can reopen from Monday 12 April (003)




The transmission of COVID-19 hasn’t changed, but as more people are vaccinated and as we start to meet more people there will be a need for those people who have been vaccinated to be mindful that they can still transmit COVID-19 so encourage them to follow your measures.

Transmission is by;

  • Droplets – minimise by masks, ventilation and cleaning
  • Fomites (sharing objects) – minimise by not sharing or cleaning
  • Population – minimise by implementing the 2m rule throughout your building


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