Lloyds Bank Foundation to offer more support to charities it doesn’t fund

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales plans to offer more non-financial support to charities that are not part of its grantmaking programmes.

Paul Streets, chief executive of LBFEW, said: “We’re going to offer more support to charities even if we’re not funding them.”

Streets was speaking last week at Lloyds Bank Foundation of England and Wales’ Funder Plus.

The idea is to extend the core funder plus model to help charities develop more broadly and grow by using consultants, forums and working with national providers.

Duncan Shrubsole, director of policy, communication and research told Civil Society News: “In practical terms, this might be offering our capacity building support to charities who apply to us for funding, are eligible but then don’t make the final selection for funding, or charities for their services or core costs who we used to fund but do no longer.”

LBFEW launched its new five-year strategy last year which outlinded its ambition to do more.

‘Support can cascade down’

Jane Ide, chief executive at the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action, said the Funder Plus programme sometimes felt like a Rolls-Royce programme for a few, while other charities are trying to hold together their Reliant Robins with sticky tape.

But Sonia Roberts, chief executive at Landau, was also speaking at the event and said that: “It doesn’t matter who is getting support it matters how that support cascades down.”

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