Research into Large Charities Published

Research findings have been published by NCVO. The research focuses on large charities but it is interesting to understand how the sector is changing.

Data for the period 2009/10 – 2015/16 shows that charities with an annual income of £100m or over have grown to account for a fifth of the voluntary sector’s total income. £100m+ charities are growing in number, and so is their collective income, which increased from £6.4bn in 2009/10 to £9.4bn in 2015/16.

£100m+ turnover charities generate their income from similar sources to the rest of the voluntary sector. They receive the highest proportion of their income from the general public, and a similar proportion from investment returns, the National Lottery and business.

Reductions in public spending at national and local levels, and greater competition with the private sector, have resulted in charities losing out on income from government across the board.

NCVO’s findings will contribute to the 2019 Almanac. You can read the full article here:

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