Food Poverty in Shropshire – Feedback Needed

Are you concerned about food poverty in Shropshire?  

Please help create solutions by sharing your experience of the current situation and what needs to change. Let’s tackle food poverty, together.

Information below from Emily Fay at Shrewsbury Food Hub:

I work for the Shrewsbury Food Hub and we recently helped to form the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance  to find solutions to food poverty in Shropshire.  If you have experienced food poverty or if you are from an organisation or community group who support people in food poverty, we need your feedback to build a clear picture of the current situation and to build better solutions. We want to bring people together to better connect the support services we already have, to identify gaps and to create an Action Plan to fill them.   Please get involved to tackle this growing problem in our county.

Please take the survey, come to the workshops and help us spread the word:

  • Take our survey  

Please share your experience and tell us what needs to change – please pick the most relevant survey for you:

  • Come to a workshop

In June we are running 4 half-day workshops to explore solutions. Do you have a view on what needs to change? Can you share your experience and ideas?

Workshops will be held on:

Please follow the links to book your place

  • Let other people know

The more people involved in developing solutions to food poverty, the stronger and more effective they will be.  If you know anyone who works with people at risk of food poverty, or people who have experienced food poverty themselves, please forward them this email so they can share their views.

Please find out more on our website

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