VCS Assembly Publishes Prevention Research

Shropshire VCS Assembly has produced three documents highlighting the preventive services and support provided by the voluntary sector in Shropshire:

1) The VCS Prevention Report for Shropshire 2017 brings together a wide range of information about Shropshire and the needs of the population, the VCSE sector and volunteering, the impact of recent policy and operational changes, issues organisations are currently facing and a look ahead for the future of VCSE delivered prevention within the county.

2) The VCS Prevention Impact Assessment 2017 is based on a more detailed assessment of 15 organisations. It considers the current provision and investment of staff and volunteer time in preventative services, risk of services being lost, the likely impact/risk of services being reduced and the likely nature of any reductions in VCSE provision.

3) The VCS Prevention Prospectus 2017 features examples of preventative services through inclusion of case studies covering partnerships, services/organisations and examples of the difference services make within the lives of beneficiaries.

The three documents combine to highlight the breadth of VCSE services and support available in Shropshire, and the value and impact achieved as a result. The documents also draw attention to the importance of investment in preventative services.

Leads from the VCS Assembly Board are currently working to develop and implement an action plan designed to communicate the findings of the research to key partnership groups and contacts. For more information about this work please email:

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