Being Well Project

The Plunkett Foundation want to support local community-led and co-operative solutions that keep people healthy, cared-for and connected to their community.

The aim is not to address illness and poor health, but to build on the community strengths in rural areas to focus on wellbeing and prevention, linking to professional services where needed.

The Plunkett Foundation are looking for ideas for enterprising solutions to the challenges of rural health and care in England. This may involve:

  • existing community groups and co-operatives introducing a new service
  • a new enterprise being developed, perhaps involving more than one stakeholder group such as clients, workers, volunteers and partner organisations

Good health is an enabler, letting us get on with what’s important to us – having a family, enjoying time with our friends and in our communities, or working. Yet it is the concept of ‘ill health’, rather than ‘good health’, that dictates our health services and defines their measures of success. (Innovation Unit Report: 10 ideas for 21st century healthcare)

How do I find out more?

Across the world, 300 million people are supported by health and care co-operatives.

Be inspired by these examples and explore our online stimulus materials with special ‘pioneer guide’.

What do we offer?

With support from Power to Change, we are able to offer pioneers:

  • free specialist advice and / or study visits to develop their ideas for co-operative, community-led solutions to rural health and wellbeing challenges
  • a small pot of funding, where needed, for example for feasibility work

Apply for our exclusive package of specialist support to turn your ideas into a robust business plan and start improving the health and well-being of your community.

Complete the questions in our ‘pioneer guide’ or simply get in touch before Monday 18 September to ensure your idea is considered for support!

At the end of 2017, they are looking to have helped the pioneers turn their ideas into business development plans.

Who can get involved? 

The Plunkett Foundation would love to hear from anyone who is passionate about exploring new community-led models to taking care of health and well-being in rural England. You could be a:

  • health or care professional – looking for ways to involve clients and their families in designing and producing services
  • commissioner of local services – looking for ways to increase wellbeing and reduce need for more costly services, e.g. through social prescribing
  • policy expert or funder – with ideas about new models, internationally or in the UK, that use social enterprise in health and care
  • community co-operative – with ideas about improving local health, wellbeing and connectedness
  • charity or social enterprise – looking to share experience or explore benefits of co-operative models, such as multi-stakeholding

TPF are not prescriptive about the area of health or social care you are interested in, but open to all ideas as long as they are community-controlled and have the potential to be sustainable.

If you have any further questions please email or call the project advice line on 01993 810730.

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