Shropshire Compact

What is the Compact?

The Compact is an agreement that sets out the “rules of engagement” for how Public Sector organisations and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) should work together for the benefit of the people they serve. The Compact will help get the best out of cross sector working relationships.

Who Created the Compact?

The development of the Compact has been led by a partnership between Shropshire Voluntary and Community Sector Assembly, Shropshire CCG and Shropshire Council. Other organisations have also contributed to the Shropshire Compact including the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, Fire Service and Local Enterprise Partnership. The Compact was developed using feedback from an engagement process and was last updated/ re-written and refreshed in 2014/15.

Why should your VCS organisation adopt the Compact?

To make the Compact work, it needs commitment and ownership from both the public sector and VCS organisations in Shropshire. The Voluntary and Community Sector in Shropshire consists of a very wide range of organisations, many of whom have some relationship with the public sector through funding relationships, partnership working, identifying community needs, consultations and volunteering. The Shropshire Compact is reflective of good practice in partnership working across these areas.

How is the Compact promoted?

Compact Week is an annual campaign held to promote the Compact – the longstanding agreement that sets out shared commitments and guidelines for partnership working between government and the voluntary sector. The week engages voluntary sector organisations, government departments, local authorities and other public sector partners working with the Compact locally or nationally. Compact Week takes place during the Autumn each year. Various events and activities will take place across England throughout the week, with some happening right here in Shropshire! Throughout the year the Compact is included as an item of discussion at the Assembly’s Forums of Interest, VCSA Board meetings and at the Change and Compact Group.

Can I download a copy of the Shropshire Compact?

Yes. Click here to download your copy.

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