Compact Issues and Concerns

There are times when the best practice guidelines and committments outlined in the Compact are not followed. Usually these are geniune mistakes and those involved work quickly to address any concerns.

If you have Compact related issues and concerns please raise these with the VCS Assembly  in the first instance and every effort will be made to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Contact: Sarah Dodds, Feedback and Insight Team Leader
Telephone: 01743 252740

Sometimes an informal approach does not work effectively and so the Shropshire Change and Compact Group has a Compact Disputes Process and Compact Disputes Panel model to use when needed. Details are included in the documents below.

Compact Disputes Panel Terms of Reference

Shropshire Compact Disputes Process

The National Compact’s supporting document, the The Compact Accountability Guide aims to support the handling of Compact complaints and disputes.

Compact Voice can also offer support and promote a diplomatic approach to challenging bad practice. If a government department or statutory body hasn’t followed Compact principles, asking them whether they are being Compact-compliant can make things right.

If you continue to experience difficulties, after going through the local Compact disputes process, please contact Compact Voice.

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