Representation and Partnership

The VCS Assembly is represented on a large number of partnership groups. VCSE sector representatives work closely alongside local partner bodies to influence change and deliver cross sector projects and initiatives. A list of current groups is included below.

Meeting cription
VCSA Change Group  This group brings VCSA Board representatives including the Chair and Vice Chair together with Shropshire Council leads to discuss key areas of change, undertake horizon scanning work and pilot new approaches.
Health and Wellbeing BoardIncluding Board, Development Workshops, Comms and Engagement and sub groups. The VCSA has a seat at the Health and Wellbeing Board and fully participates in the work of the Board and its sub groups. The VCSA Chair, Vice Chair and a number of Board representatives support this work.
Better Care Fund (BCF) Strategic GroupsIncluding the Reference Group and Transformation Group. The VCSA Chair, Vice Chair and Health and Social Care Forum Chair have been working to represent the VCSA at Better Care Fund strategic groups.
Better Care Fund (BCF) Working GroupsIncluding Resilient Communities, Prevention, Falls, Obesity and Long Term Conditions, Groups. A large number of VCSA representatives support the implementation of the Better Care Fund. The VCSA works to ensure the appropriate representatives attend the BCF delivery groups and representatives work to feedback issues to the Board, particularly where action or responses are required.
Healthwatch Shropshire Stakeholder Group The VCSA works in support of Healthwatch Shropshire and has a seat on the stakeholder group.
Future Fit The VCSA’s representative works to provide a VCSE perspective in Future Fit and to identify information in need of wider communication.
Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust – patient and engagement panel The VCSA values the opportunity to work with the NHS Trust and aims to maintain relationships to ensure key issues are communicated widely.
SATH Stakeholders Conferences Stakeholder conferences held by Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust (SATH) allow the VCSA to keep in touch with key developments and offer VCSE sector input.
CCG Patient and Public Involvement (PECC) Led by the CCG, this group brings together a range of stakeholders to focus on public and patient involvement in the work of the CCG and health.
Compact Group The VCSA representatives on the Compact Group ensure that relationships with local commissioners are maintained and issues and good practice guidelines clearly communicated.
Community Safety Partnership Board This Board takes an overview of community safety issues in Shropshire and VCSA involvement is essential in order to ensure connections across sectors are made and maintained.
Employ With Conviction Employ with Conviction has been a significant area of work for the VCSA in the last year. It has proven a success, highlighting the need for employment opportunities for ex-offenders.
Social Value Group Led by Shropshire Council this group brings local commissioners together with the VCSA to understand best practice relating to the Public Services (Social Value) Act.
Armed Forces Community Covenant This partnership leads on work to implement a local community covenant designed to bring military and civilian communities together.
Digital Inclusion Group The VCSA recognises the importance of digital inclusion and support a local partnership designed to bring VCSE and public sector bodies together to promote and deliver digital inclusion in Shropshire.
Social Inclusion, Marches LEPIncluding Mini Group, Stakeholder events and VCSE representatives on ESIF committee. This has been a significant area of work for the VCSA and continues to be a priority. Large numbers of VCSA members have been engaged in the work through the stakeholder events, research projects and via VCSA communications.
Locality Commissioning and TransformationVCSA representatives are attending a range of meetings as they arise. The VCSA is working to keep up to date with developments in the Council’s locality commissioning approach. The VCSA Chair has been working to keep up to date with interlinked work streams including links to the Better Care Fund resilient communities theme.
Assistive Technology This group is working on a cross sector approach to assistive technology in Shropshire and has recently prepared a draft Memorandum of Understanding.
Children’s Trust Including Board and Area Forums The VCSA is represented in its work with the Children’s Trust by the 0-25 VCS summit. Regular area forums also allow the wider membership of the VCSA to get more involved.
Early Help Including Stakeholder Group and Partnership Board The 0-25 VCS Summit is currently working with Shropshire Council to explore and influence changes in the area of Early Help.
Shropshire Safeguarding Children’s Board The VCSA is represented at the Shropshire Safeguarding Children’s Board – providing important VCSE input.
Shropshire Safeguarding Adults Board The VCSA is represented at the Safeguarding Adults Board and updates are fed through to the VCSA Board.

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