Training Provider’s Consortium

Who Are We?

The Consortium’s purpose is to provide a mutually beneficial structure for all voluntary and community sector training providers in Shropshire in order to support and enable all full member organisations to access funding, develop their capacity and achieve high standards of quality and performance in learning and training. In addition the consortium is investigating demand and looking to develop model that will meet new commissioning requirements. The Consortium meets quarterly, usually at a central venue in Shrewsbury.  Sonia Roberts is the representative for this forum on the VCS Assembly Board.

Our Aims

  • Provide training to  voluntary and community organisations, however large or small, interested in training and learning, including

Our Achievements

• Being a single gateway for external agencies seeking partnership, joint bidding or sub-contracting arrangements, with the voluntary sector and community sector in the county in training and learning.
• Offering support to members to assist them with meeting quality standards and accessing training and learning.
• Sharing information and best practice with the Consortium and to the wider Voluntary and Community Sector.
• Providing strategic representation of the sector in relation to training and learning.
• Accessing capacity ESF technical assistance funding to develop consortium capacity though a series of workshops in view of the impending tendering round and to support participation by voluntary and community sector organisations.

Contact Details

Chair: Sonia Roberts

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