Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership

Who Are We?

The Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership (SIP) is a partnership of voluntary and community sector infrastructure organisations operating in Shropshire. Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership aims to facilitate effective joint working amongst voluntary and community infrastructure organisations in Shropshire.

Our Aims

  • Ensure coherence of infrastructure activity making best use of the resources available.
  • Encouraging and facilitating partnership working across the sector and with the private and public sectors.
  • Encouraging and supporting social enterprise and increased income generation within the sector.
  • Encouraging and facilitating employee related volunteering.
  • Working with Shropshire Council and other statutory organisations to develop appropriate commissioning frameworks for the sector.
  • Researching and developing consortia working structures that support the sector in bidding for public service contracts.

Our Achievements

  • The provision of a countywide volunteer outreach service for Shropshire
  • The provision of a funding advice service to voluntary and community groups and social enterprises in Shropshire
  • The provision of training (including half and full day and breakfast briefings) and networking opportunities
  • The provision of a partnership website, providing on-line resources information and advice, promoting partner’s infrastructure training and events and achievements of the sector in Shropshire
  • The establishment of a regular e-newsletter
  • The coordination and delivery of a county-wide funding fair in addition to further locality-based workshops and briefings
  • Strategic engagement in the Big Society and Localism agenda and the coordination of local opportunities to understand what this means for Shropshire and the VCS
  • Regional engagement with funding bodies and other Infrastructure Support Organisations to strengthen our knowledge and embed best practice
  • The up-skilling of partner organisations’ officers to continue to effectively support the sector in responding to the Big Society agenda and reshaping of public services.

We see ourselves as fundamentally a place where people can go for support. If you need help, advice or training please consult our website.

Chair: Julia Baron
Contact No: 01743 342169

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