VCSA Surveys

Every other year the Shropshire VCSA issues a State of the Sector Survey which aims to provide a local economic picture of the VCSE. This year we will be doing the biennial survey a little bit differently. 

The singular survey has been split in to two with different themes in each as we want to ensure we capture your information in as much detail as possible. The two themes are:

  1. State of the Sector – Current Economic Climate – this will include questions on staffing, grants, funding, predictions for the future, barriers etc.
  2. Volunteering and Social Action – this will include detailed questions on volunteering, infrastructure, partnerships and social action and impact.

Once the survey has closed we will use the information to:

  • produce a report which can be accessed electronically for all our members to share widely.
  • pull together information to share with public sector partners and give them “real time evidence” of how the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) is coping with changes.
  • inform the Shropshire evidence base for the VCSE.
  • design infographics for use by all.
  • provide “real time evidence” with Senior Local Authority representatives.
  • compare findings with previous years.
  • use the findings to shape conversations going forward between the VCSA Board and public sector partners.

Why are do we do surveys?

Recent changes and pressures at a national level have meant bigger challenges for all in Shropshire and there is a great deal of pressure for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) groups and organisations to support vulnerable people, deliver preventative and other services with less funding.

The impact of these changes has had an effect on Shropshire and it’s communities including:

  • cuts to public sector grants/funding both nationally and locally.
  • more demand for VCSE representation, services and skills including volunteer management and training.
  • pressure for local communities to be more resilient and more people to take on voluntary roles.
  • need for communities or organisations to take over the running of community assets and local services (e.g. libraries).
  • need to strengthen the voice and the knowledge of the voluntary sector in Shropshire.

It is important that we are able to demonstrate the effect and impact that the changes are having on Shropshire’s VCSE.

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