Shropshire Council Commissioning Feedback

Shropshire VCS Assembly works closely with Shropshire Council to explore some of the issues and obstacles faced by VCS organisations within Council commissioning processes. Although some feedback has been very positive, common concerns have been raised around commissioning timescales, delays and complex contracts and processes for small awards. This concerns do not occur on a regular basis but Shropshire Council is keen to address any issues as soon as they arise and to work in partnership to make improvements where possible.

In order to ensure that this feedback is provided on an ongoing basis, rather than through occasional research, the VCS Assembly Board has agreed use of a feedback reporting process (shown below).

Members of Shropshire VCS Assembly are encouraged to:
• Maintain open dialogue with their commissioner.
• Report any issues that may be a breach of the Shropshire Compact. See Compact web pages for more information:
• Report issues to the VCS Assembly so that any common concerns can be addressed within the Change and Compact Group.
• An information checklist is provided so that issues can be better understood.

Shropshire VCS Assembly will treat issues in confidence where required in order to address any concerns without damaging commissioner/provider relationships.

You can find a downloadable copy of the process diagram here: Issues Reporting Process.

Commissioning issues reporting process

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