Commissioning Strategy

Shropshire Council’s Draft Commissioning Strategy

Shropshire Council is transforming its role to that of a commissioner, rather than a direct deliverer, of services. Shropshire Council recognises that there are many communities, people and organisations who are as well, or better, placed to deliver the solutions and services which will help the Council to deliver on its mission which is “to ensure that as soon as possible everything is as efficient as it can be, focusing on the customer, prevention and partnership.”

This draft Commissioning Strategy aims to set out how the Council will quickly move to its new role as a commissioning body, its strategy for achieving this and the associated guidance and tools to help. Its purpose is to provide Officers, Members, Service Providers, Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations and the public with an understanding of the context of the Council’s approach to commissioning, and to set out the direction this will take over the coming three years. This strategy builds on previous work undertaken in conjunction with representatives of the VCS and has been written to take account of the council’s other strategic plans and the commissioning approaches being developed in a number of specific localities throughout the county.

This draft Commissioning Strategy complements and supports the delivery of the Council’s Business Plan and Financial Strategy 2014 – 2017

Shropshire Council is keen to consult with partners and stakeholders to ensure that the principles and methods that it adopts in the way it commissions truly support the mission and aims set out above. The draft Commissioning Strategy makes reference to additional Linked Resources which are under development and are designed to provide more detail and support around areas of this strategy for officers, members, providers and other stakeholders as relevant. These Linked Resources will not be part of this consultation. The draft Commissioning Strategy can be viewed at:,-better-value/commissioning-strategy-consultation/

Shropshire Council values feedback and comment from partners, stakeholders and customers in helping to ensure that this Commissioning Strategy is effective. A survey has been developed to help with obtaining comments. Please note the deadline for any feedback is Friday 2nd May 2014. All responses will be considered and relevant adjustments made before finalising the Commissioning Strategy.

Online Survey

Document: Commissioning-Strategy-for-Consultation-Feb-2014

For any queries regarding this consultation please contact:

Neil Evans, Commissioning Manager

The VCSA Board has collectively responded to the Commissioning Strategy. A copy of the letter is inlcuded below: 
Commissioning Strategy letter from VCSA Board

Shropshire Council’s Draft Procurement Strategy

At the April meeting of Shropshire VCS Assembly Board Nigel Denton presented the draft Shropshire Council Procurement Strategy. The Strategy sets out the Council’s approach to procurement and how this approach fits into the broader policy context. Main elements of the Strategy include definitions, influencing considerations and values. The VCSA Board and wider membership were invited to comment on the draft. Please see a link to the document below.

Draft Procurement Strategy version Feb 2014

Please email comments to and these will be collated and presented to Nigel Denton Procurement Manager at Shropshire Council.

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