Annual Report & Terms of Reference

The Voluntary and Community Sector Assembly Annual Report covers the progress made, and activity delivered by the VCSA over the last 12 months. Each year we also review the Terms of Reference to ensure they are fit for purpose and support the functioning of the VCSA Board and its Forums of Interest.

Shropshire VCSA Annual Report 2015/016
VCSA Terms of Reference 2016-17
VCSA Annual Assembly 2016 Summary Report
Appendix 1 – AA Agenda 2016
Appendix 2 – Presentation
Appendix 3 – Attendee Feedback
Appendix 4 – Diversity Monitoring Feedback

VCS Assembly Annual Report 2014-2015
VCSA Terms of Reference 2015-16
Report VCS Annual Assembly 2015

VCS Assembly Annual Report 2013-2014
VCSA Terms of Reference 2014-2015

VCS Assembly Annual Report 2012-2013
VCSA Terms of Reference 2013-2014

VCS Assembly Annual Report 2011-2012
Terms of Reference Annual Update March 2012


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