Comic Relief Community Fund for England Invites 2021 Applications

Not-for-profit organisations across England can apply for grants of up to £10,000 to be used for projects that fit with one of Comic Relief’s four strategic themes:
• Children Survive and Thrive – ensuring every child has the best start in life.
• Fighting for Gender Justice – tackling gender-based violence, inequality and exploitation.
• A Safe Place to Be – supporting those who have been displaced to access secure housing and feel settled in their new homes.
• Mental Health Matters – helping people experiencing poor mental health to access appropriate support and live free from stigma and discrimination.

Funding will be split as follows:
• £1,000 for capacity building activities including those which strengthen operations, improve governance and help to better understand beneficiary needs.
• £9,000 to deliver projects which align with the programme’s strategic themes. This could include activities for women and girls to help them make healthier choices, training to help parents and carers support their children’s development, supporting people with mental health issues or setting up a peer support network for people experiencing homelessness.

Organisations must have an annual turnover of less than £250,000 to apply.

The deadline is 29 November 2021, but the fund may close earlier if enough applications are received.

For more information on this grant please click here

For enquires please contact Groundwork on
Tel: 0121 237 5800

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