NHS Charities Together Grant Application

NHS Charities Together (NHSCT) has raised funds and is providing grants to help NHS Charities support NHS staff, volunteers and patients in ways above and beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide, from meeting immediate and urgent needs to supporting the long term recovery from the impact of the crisis. NHSCT is very aware that the NHS relies on many partnerships across the UK. Examples include the hospice, care home and voluntary sectors. Stage 2 NHSCT funding, between October 2020 and March 2021, is focusing on community partnership grants, where NHS Charities are encouraged to work in partnerships across geographical areas that support communities affect by Covid-19.

NHS Charities Together (NHSCT) has allowed a maximum of £222,766.39 to be allocated to voluntary organisations supporting NHS patients in the Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) area following a bid-based process.  This allocation is to be passed on to support the voluntary, care and hospice sector operating in that area to support those affected by COVID-19.  These partnerships could help NHS organisations by:

  1. Preventing admission to NHS facilities, for example by early intervention programmes
  2. Facilitating discharge from NHS facilities, for example with end of life care or community health projects
  3. Supporting patients to recover more quickly in the community after leaving hospital
  4. Supporting initiatives that seek to remove health inequalities and disparity in health outcomes with a focus on diversity in the population.
  5. Supporting the integrated care partnerships within the STP in this way significantly reduces stress on the NHS and provides the wrap around provision for patients which is vitally needed.

Partnership applications are encouraged and the grants can support both new work and the enhancement or scaling up of existing projects experiencing increased demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is expected that funding will be available to support work taking place from April 2021 for up to two years.   The expectation is that the funding will be used for projects that benefit all or many of the NHS Trusts and wider VCSE sector providing health interventions in the geographical area. Charitable funds should not be a substitute for government funding. The NHS is required to provide a basic level of care from government funding. Charitable funds can be used to enhance this level of care, but not replace it.

If you have any queries please email sath.charity@nhs.net

Stage 2 grants are all about partnership working across geographical areas. In order to facilitate that, NHSCT asked for a lead NHS Charity for each geographical area to coordinate discussions and act as the facilitator for the organisation and legal mechanism for transacting the charitable funds in this stage of grants.  It has been agreed by partners that this will be SATH Charity. Overall, the lead NHS Charity will be responsible for all correspondence with NHSCT, ensuring that outcome reporting is completed and submitted by the deadlines and is ultimately in charge of overseeing the success of the project.

NHSCT Trustees will remain accountable for the allocation, due diligence and reporting of expenditure, hence safeguarding the appropriate use of the funds. SaTH Charity is responsible to NHSCT Trustees for the management and hence decision making on the onward allocation and expenditure of the funds provided.

I have attached a copy of the outline application form.  This MUST be returned to SaTH Charity for review by the local Grants Committee before onward transmission to NHS CT.

Applications will be checked locally by a local Grants Committee before onward transmission, however the final decision with regard to the local community partnership grants remains with NHS CT.

If the outline is approved by NHS CT you will be asked to complete a full proposal for consideration by NHS CT.  The grants will cover a maximum of two years.

The closing date for outline proposals is 11th December 2020.  Please email your completed applications to:     sath.charity@nhs.net

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