Update from The Caldecott festival

We are hoping to hold the first ever Caldecott festival to celebrate and make better known in our town, county and country, the life and  creative work of the inspiring Mr Caldecott , at the same time as raising the profile of Whitchurch, its businesses and many lovely features  to the wider world, and thus helping the county too,  in our recovery from the pandemic.

Getting to know him at the festival and events leading up to it will inspire you to be creative and live your dreams, have fun and enjoy life. In these pandemic times the festival is something to look forward to and have fun preparing for.

We can, inspired by him, use our creativity to make the world a happier and fun place to live in.

Why a festival in Whitchurch for Mr Caldecott?

Well the creative and funny Mr Caldecott  lived in Whitchurch, Shropshire for 6 years from the time he left school at 15 till he was 21.By day he worked in a bank training as his father wished him too. His dream was to become an. He loved riding and the countryside and enjoying life so he rode around much of the countryside and later used it in his Paintings and illustrations of children’s books and travel books.

He did go on to live his dream and earn a living from being an artist, illustrator and cartoonist. We want more people to know about him, be  inspired to live their dream, have fun and enjoy life

Get started and join in then 1000 Little Artist Challenge . The lead artist Sarah Evans has designed a little video. Here is the link. https://youtu.be/WuUtFW4Q2XU

Sarah tells you what she needs, what you can do and how to submit your art . She shows you how she is meeting the challenge so that we will have a masterpiece of the natural world to present to the mayor and town of Whitchurch. Its free. Join in now. All participants will get a sketch book when the masterpiece is completed and handed on to the town of Whitchurch.

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