Open Harmony Zoom Music Group

Zoom Music Group for confidence and company, August to October

Lonely in lockdown?  Low confidence or feelings of anxiety or depression?

Looking to meet like-minded people in small, friendly groups?

Our friendly Zoom Music Group is for anyone not in paid work who enjoys music and good company.

We provide 6 group sessions (of 1 hour each) where the activities are shaped by the participants.  You have the option to decide the type of music we listen to or play: anything from Mozart to metal.  Whether it’s singing, playing instruments, listening or discussing music together, we can make the sessions interesting and enjoyable.  We also provide up to 25 hours of 1:1 support to help find paid work, training or education.  In addition, there is a thriving private facebook group available for peer support.

Feedback from previous participants:

“Doing this has made me more confident”

“This has been brilliant, thank you so much”

“Really enjoyed meeting new people, especially because I’m on my own most the time here”

“I shall miss Wednesdays, they were really enjoyable”

“I haven’t been able to feel confident for a long time.  You gave me the ability to reconnect with some very dear friends who I lost touch with and they are glad I have made contact. So thanks again for what you did”

OH CIC music course poster

The first group session is 2pm till 3pm on Wednesday 2nd September so sign up now.

To find out more, contact Laura on 07753 381908 or

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