Important Reminders

Shropshire Council is delighted to present the draft Local Economic Growth Strategies for Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Market Drayton and Whitchurch. The development of these draft strategies was a key action from the wider Economic Growth Strategy for Shropshire. These documents will provide an economic focus for the town and the surrounding areas and outlines the key actions that we will collectively be looking to deliver during this timeframe.

These strategies will help the Council to achieve its objectives and deliver the economic vision for Shropshire. The Local Economic Growth Strategies are fully aligned with the Local Plan Review and other key documents such as the Place Plans.

As well as informing the guiding delivery, these strategies are seen as having a key role in encouraging growth, attracting new businesses and investment into not just the town, but also the surrounding area.

Please use this opportunity to comment on one of more of the draft Local Economic Growth Strategies by clicking here to read them and to take the survey.

You can also provide comments by email and post:


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