Shropshire VCSA Climate Change Workshop 11.03.2020

Shropshire VCSA: Climate Change and The Third Sector

A facilitated workshop

9am to 1pm Wednesday 11th March 2020
Council Chamber, Shirehall

Climate change can seem an overwhelming or distant issue with little influence on your daily work. However, as we all share the same planet and natural resources, all people and organisations have the potential to be negatively affected by a changing climate and understanding this can help us prepare and plan better. It is important to understand climate change in order to consider the possible impacts upon your work, how to help mitigate extreme scenarios through actions taken now, and what methods are available to increase the climate resilience of your organisation.

Over 60% of local authorities and many other charities and organisations have declared climate emergencies. This is a really important statement of intent.

There will be guest speakers including:

  • A representative from Stop Ecocide / Earth Protector Communities
  • Roy Alexander from Ashton Hayes – the first carbon neutral village
  • Adrian Cooper – Climate Change Task Force Leader from Shropshire Council

We hope attendees will benefit from this workshop by:

  • Having this dedicated time away from busy working / volunteering roles to consider climate change and the impact on organisations and communities.
  • Through discussion group sessions, hear about the challenges being faced in Shropshire and the work already taking place to address climate change and move towards becoming carbon neutral.
  • Learning about the inspirational work of other local organisations.
  • Networking with other local groups and organisations working to address climate change in Shropshire.
  • Giving you knowledge to take with you and move forwards.

Please book your place here:

If you have any questions, please contact:
Telephone: 01743 250094

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