New Philanthropist Capital – State of The Sector 2020

NPC’s State of the Sector programme seeks to inject new thinking and ideas on how charity sector leaders can adapt and thrive in this changing context.

Charities face a world where their context and challenges are always changing. At NPC we help them rise to those challenges but to do so, we have to understand their perception of that the issues are, and how this changes over time.

NPC’s State of the Sector programme is the most rigorous analysis of sector leader opinion, and how it changes over time.

Begun in 2017 and carried forward with our new 2020 program, this research helps the sector understand where it is behind and where it ahead, where it is vulnerable and where it is strong, where it’s actions aren’t matching up to its values and where its new ideas will come from.

Launching in March 2020, we’re currently undertaking the research that will form the backbone of State of the Sector 2020 at the moment. To find out more, including how to get involved, please get in touch.

About the 2017 research outputs:

Our initial exploration, Boldness in times of change: Rethinking the charity sector for the future, outlines key challenges and opportunities for sector leaders. It makes the case for a bold and imaginative response to current challenges, and highlights ‘bright spots’ of practice throughout.

Next, we did some quantitative and qualitative research involving around 400 sector leaders over all. We published the findings from this research in Charities taking charge: Transforming to face a changing world. You can also view a short summary video of the research.

We are in the process of rerunning the survey—look out for this next year. If you are interested in supporting the work get in contact with us.

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