Safeguarding Review: Invitation to comment

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It is the Strategic Priority of the Keeping Adults Safe in Shropshire Board to ensure that organisations, professionals and volunteers working with adults in Shropshire understand how to respond appropriately when the abuse or neglect of  an adult with care and support needs is taking place. Currently, many concerns that are referred to the Local Authority via the First Point of Contact are not deemed to require further safeguarding enquiries. This can create risk in the system to prevent and protect adults with care and support needs from abuse.

The Board’s local multi-agency Safeguarding Process in Shropshire is currently under review. As part of this review, the Board would like to better understand and explore the views and experiences of the safeguarding process in Shropshire from operational staff, volunteers and managers  across the multi-agency partnership. Specifically, the Board would like to explore:

What is working in the adult safeguarding process in Shropshire ?
What difficulties or barriers there in the local adult safeguarding process?
How well do the multi-agency policies and procedures assist in enabling an understanding of roles and responsibility in the adult safeguarding process?
How could the multi-agency policies and procedures be improved to enhance understanding?

We would therefore like to ask Board members for the opportunity to visit and explore these questions with others.

If you would like to engage with this review, please contact Emma Harding, Development Officer on or 01743 257929.

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