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Art Fund Curatorial Network Grants

Grants available to help Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs) and other curatorial networks to develop and share knowledge, skills and resources. The Art Fund is an independent fundraising charity. For over 100 years the Art Fund has helped more than 700 museums and galleries buy great works of art.

The Curatorial Network Grants provide funding to support Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs) and other curatorial networks in sharing expertise across the museum sector, for the benefit of collections and audiences.

The grants are designed to be ‘light-touch’ and responsive to need. Art Fund want to help networks:

  • capitalise on opportunities to develop and expand their activities
  • develop and share knowledge and skills relating to subject-specialisms, professional skills and public engagement
  • collaborate with each other and with museum audiences
  • innovate, test new ideas and share their findings
  • create tangible public outcomes.

There is a total of £150,000 available annually through the scheme.

There are two categories of grant:

  • Small grants for requests of up to £5,000.
  • Large grants for requests of between £5,000 and £15,000.

Art Fund can consider applications for 100% of project funding, or those submitted as part of a wider funding package.

This fund is designed to support SSNs and other curatorial networks.

‘Curatorial networks’ are defined as professional communities which share interests in curatorial specialisms, collections and/or exhibition based practices. Networks can be established or emerging, but must have a mission statement and/or clear long term objectives.

Networks must be not-for-profit and be formally constituted, or identify a formally constituted organisation that is willing to act as the recipient of funds.

The Art Fund will not consider funding for:

  • long-term running costs for established networks, including core staff costs
  • costs relating to ongoing overheads, including equipment
  • travel and attendance at network events (please refer to Art Fund’s Jonathan Ruffer curatorial grants if assistance is required for these costs)
  • projects which are already supported by other funding (i.e. duplicating). This does not apply to cases where support is required as part of a funding package, or to complement or extend existing projects.

Funds cannot be paid to individuals.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.

Art Fund Small Project Grants

Grants of £10,000 available to help museums, galleries and visual arts organisations act on good ideas and/or test new ways of working that will benefit their audiences.

The Art Fund encourages project proposals, activity and outcomes that align with one or more of the four strands of their programme:

  • Building collections – To support museums in adding to their collections through acquisitions, commissions, gifts and bequests, conservation and other means.
  • Shaping futures – To help museum professionals to develop their skills, share expertise and strengthen curatorial leadership.
  • Reaching audiences – To help museums increase the impact of their collections through the sharing of works of art as widely as possible.
  • Making connections – To help museums engage more inventively with their audiences, and collaborate more closely with each other, so more people can see more art.

The fund will consider applications for up to £10,000.

To enable applicants to act quickly to realise a good idea, the fund will consider 100% funding.

The Art Fund will consider grants for any type of activity provided the organisation can demonstrate its impact and benefits and show which of Art Fund’s programme aims it meets. The Fund encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and are happy to support experimental projects. They particularly welcome applications which focus on:

  • audience development
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • activity outside London, and/or in areas of low cultural provision/engagement
  • new partners.

Applicants can apply any time. A decision will be provided within eight weeks.

Before submitting an application, applicants should ensure that they have discussed their application with the Programmes Manager to confirm eligibility, deadlines, timescales and relevant meeting dates.

Applicants must register on the Art Fund website to access the online application form.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.

Co-op Foundation – Youth Led Advocacy to Improve Community Spaces

Grants are available to community organisations in England for projects that support the aims of the #iwill campaign by helping young people (age 10-20) have a say in how community spaces that matter to them are managed. The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport are each investing £20 million seed funding over four years to create the #iwill Fund. The Co-op Foundation is acting as a match funder and is administering the fund.

The overall aims of the fund are to support social action that draws on young people’s own lived experience in order to connect young people (aged 10-20) to social action opportunities that lead to genuine community impact and empower them through the difference this makes for themselves and their peers.

The fund has three themed strands. Under this first strand, grants are available to community organisations in England supporting youth-led advocacy to improve the design and use of community spaces. In addition, strands two and three will focus on:

  • Social action that supports young people experiencing bereavement – opening later in 2019.
  • Social action that supports young people through the transition from primary to secondary school – opening later in 2019.

Around eight grants of up to £35,000 each are available. Grants will be awarded for one year, although successful applicants will have the opportunity to re-apply for up to two years’ further funding.

Applications will be accepted from community organisations in England. Eligible organisations will:

  • Understand what high-quality youth social action is and have experience of equipping young people with the skills they need to deliver meaningful advocacy-based social action.
  • Be open and welcoming to young people, and actively seek to include people who may face barriers to getting involved.
  • Be able to show that their project will benefit young people in areas of deprivation and that they understand their local area well.
  • Be well-run, including its governance, strategy, financial management, and policies on safeguarding and diversity.

Deadline for applications: 20 September 2019 (midday).
Find out more here:

FareShare Surplus with Purpose Fund 

Funding is available for UK food producers, offsetting the costs of sending quality unsold food to good causes. The FareShare Surplus with Purpose Fund is aimed at offsetting the costs faced by food producing companies seeking to redistribute their edible surplus comestibles to charities and community groups helping vulnerable people. The programme has an overall budget of £3 million. Businesses could be eligible for up to £50,000 worth of funding. Greater sums can be negotiated, where appropriate, for high volumes of surplus food.

The money can be used to cover the additional staff costs needed for packing and sorting edible surplus food, or in building, implementing and managing new processes. It could also cover packaging and transportation costs, or lost income from the sale of surplus to animal feed or anaerobic digestion. Food production businesses in the UK that are seeking to redistribute additional surplus food items may qualify for support.

Find out more here:

Tackling Violence against Women and Girls

Grants of up to £250,000 available to UK women’s organisations which provide frontline services to meet the needs of women and girls facing multiple disadvantage across one or more strands of Violence against Women & Girls (VAWG).

Comic Relief are continuing their partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the UK’s devolved administrations to open this £1.2 million fund to support organisations across the UK tackling violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The fund has been made available through a grant from the Tampon Tax Fund. Proposals should respond to one or more of the programme’s aims:

  • Maintain / improve support for women and girls who are experiencing or at risk of violence and abuse
  • Expand reach and support for women and girls who face additional barriers in accessing services such as BAMER (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic and Refugee), older, LBTI (Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex), and disabled communities
  • Capture the lived experiences of women and girls to inform the design and delivery of services, practice and policy
  • Coordinate cross sector partnerships to build more trauma-informed, joined-up care pathways that meet the holistic needs of women and girls.
  • UK women’s organisations which provide frontline services to meet the needs of women and girls facing multiple disadvantage (the overlapping experiences of violence / abuse, mental ill health and substance misuse) are eligible to apply.

A total of £1.2 million is available. The fund is expected to make up to 15 investments of £50,000 – £250,000. The investments will be split across the UK as follows:

England: 8 investments
Wales: 5 investments
Scotland: 3 investments
Northern Ireland: 3 investments.

Application deadline: 4 September 2019
Find out more here:

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