Funding Opportunities

FA Futsal Fund

Grants are available for football associations, football leagues, community groups and other non-profit organisations who wish to develop new youth futsal leagues in England.

The Fund is provided by the FA and administered by the Football Foundation.

The Football Foundation is the UK’s largest sports charity. Funded by the FA, the Premier League and the Government, it aims to encourage and improve of grassroots sport by funding the development of sports facilities and activities across the country. Grants are intended to help develop youth futsal programmes across England, to encourage youth involvement in futsal and allow futsal players to play on a regular basis within a structured league.

The total fund value is £300,000. Grants of either £1,500 or £3,000 are available.

Applicants can receive funding to create either one or two new youth futsal leagues. Grants of £1,500 are available per league, and grants will be split over two years.

Successful applicants will also receive a pack of four futsal balls, a ball carrier and a scorecard.

Football Associations, football leagues, community groups and other non-profit organisations who plan to develop new youth futsal leagues in England are eligible to apply.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • Youth futsal leagues (under 18s and below).
  • Youth football leagues (under 18s and below).
  • County Football Associations.

The following types of organisation will also be considered:

  • Adult football/futsal leagues setting up youth futsal provisions.
  • Affiliated Clubs wishing to develop youth futsal leagues.
  • Premier League and English Football League Community Trusts.
  • FA University Community Football Hubs.

Click here to find out more and to apply.

Co-op Foundation – Space to Connect

Grants are available to help community organisations identify, improve and protect community spaces in England where people can connect and co-operate.

Co-op Foundation is a working name of Co-operative Community Investment Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales and Scotland.

Space to Connect is a partnership between the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DMCS) and the Co-op Foundation. It builds on the commitment to unlock the potential of community spaces as part of the Government’s loneliness strategy. It also extends the Co-op Foundation’s existing support for organisations who are working to make community spaces sustainable.  are two Space to Connect funding strands open for applications.

  • Enhance – grants for organisations that are already using a community space in an innovative and creative way, and that want to expand activities and embed sustainable ways of working to build a more secure future.
  • Explore – grants for organisations that want to start exploring ways that local challenges could be addressed through better use of space, and/or identify potential spaces that could be opened up to community use.

There is a total of £1.6 million for this fund.

Two different grants are available:

  • Enhance grants of between £30,000 and £50,000. The total budget for this strand is £400,000, and it is expected that around 8 to 12 grants will be awarded.
  • Explore grants of up to £10,000. The total budget for this strand is £480,000.

Applications will be considered from UK-based charities, social enterprises and other voluntary and community organisations that do not mainly aim to generate profits for private distribution.

To be eligible, organisations must:

  • Be constituted.
  • Have a UK bank account in the organisation’s name.
  • Have at least two unconnected people on the board or management committee.
  • Already use or run a community space.

Applications are welcome from organisations working in partnership, including projects joining up with public and / or private sector organisations, provided they are led by a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation.

Click here to find out more and to apply.

National Lottery Heritage Horizon Awards

Large grants are available for innovative heritage projects that will bring about positive changes and benefits to people, places and the wider heritage sector. The National Lottery Heritage Fund has published its five-year Strategic Funding Framework (2019 to 2024), which includes the new Heritage Horizon Award and the National Lottery Grants for Heritage funding programme.

Large-scale grants are available to non-profit organisations and partnerships in the UK to fund innovative, collaborative and transformative heritage projects that will bring about positive changes and benefits to people, places and the wider heritage sector.

Projects that focus on the following current strategic priorities are of particular interest:

  • Landscapes and nature.
  • Heritage at risk.

There is a total fund of £50 million for the 2020-21 round.

The minimum grant available is £5 million. There is no upper limit.

The programme duration is in two phases:

  • Development phase: up to two years.
  • Delivery phase: up to five years.

Applicants must contribute “partnership funding” of at least 10% of the costs of their development phase and 10% of the costs of their delivery phase. This match funding can be made up of cash, non-cash contributions, volunteer time or a combination of all of these.

Applications are accepted from not-for-profit organisations or partnerships led by not-for-profit organisations in the UK.

Some examples of the types of organisation that can be funded include:

  • Charities, trusts and charitable incorporated organisations.
  • Community and voluntary groups.
  • Community/parish councils.
  • Community interest companies.
  • Faith-based or church organisations.
  • Local authorities.
  • Other public sector organisations.

Click here for further information and to apply.

British Cycling Places to Ride Programme

Grants are available to not-for-profit organisations in England that are developing cycling activity in their community for the development of new, or the improvement of existing, cycling facilities in communities.

The UCI Road World Championships will take place in Yorkshire in September 2019. This is a major international event that will include a range of men’s and women’s races, across age groups and will include for the first-time, para-cycling. Events will take place in different towns and cities across Yorkshire.

British Cycling wants to deliver a lasting legacy across England and to that end is partnering with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to fund the development of new or the improvement of existing cycling facilities in communities across England.

The Places to Ride Programme is provided by a £15 million commitment from Government and will be delivered over a three-year period through a partnership of British Cycling, Sport England and the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).

The key objectives of the programme are:

  • Inspiring people to ride.
  • Connecting the community
  • Building a lasting legacy.

The programme aims to:

  • Encourage more people from a range of different backgrounds regardless of gender, age, ability or ethnicity to engage with cycling in all its forms. There should be more opportunities for people to enjoy riding in an accessible and inclusive environment; focusing especially on provision that responds to the needs of women and girls and people with a disability.
  • Invest in opportunities that connect local communities and address barriers to engaging with cycling. Recognise the wider benefits of riding a bike to enable societal benefits such as community cohesion, reducing social isolation and promoting health and well-being through prevention.
  • Ensure a lasting legacy of active environments that provide high quality and affordable opportunities to engage with cycling now, that will continue to be deliverable in the future.

There is a total of £15 million available for the three years.

There are two levels of funding:

  • Small grants of between £1,000 and £50,000 are available. It is expected that the average grant will be much less than £50,000.
  • Larger grants of up to £500,000.

Match funding is required and should be between 25% and 50%.

Click here for further information and how to apply.

National Lottery Community Fund – Safeguarding Training Fund

Phase two funding is available for voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations or partnership to support the distribution of phase 1 materials, promote and champion safeguarding/safe culture, and enable local networking and self-support.

The £1.14 million Safeguarding Training Fund is part of a wider Government strategy to improve safeguarding practice across the voluntary sector in England. Phase one of the fund is currently supporting the ‘Safer Social Sector Partnership’ led by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) to design a national and generic online safeguarding training package – suitable for all charities big and small – to improve safeguarding/safe culture practice.

Phase two aims to make all charities and voluntary organisations in England aware of the importance of safeguarding/safe culture and to ensure they have access to the phase one materials.

It is expected that between five and ten of those organisations will receive grants ‘in the region of £50,000 to £115,000’ to support the distribution of phase 1 materials, promote and champion safeguarding/safe culture, and enable local networking and self-support.

There is a particular interest in VCSEs with the reach to support organisations less likely to have an awareness of safeguarding. This includes small, volunteer-led organisations, organisations in remote and rural areas, organisations not primarily working with vulnerable adults or children and organisations working in communities with multiple levels of deprivation.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.

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