Food Poverty Alliance – Shropshire Larder website launched to help people in food poverty

Shropshire Larder website launched to help people in food poverty

A new website has been launched to help people in Shropshire who are struggling to afford a healthy diet. The Shropshire Larder website brings together local information on how to eat well on a budget, how to access money advice, and the location of foodbanks and other community food projects around the county.

Food poverty is a growing issue in Shropshire, affecting people both in and out of work. Increases to the cost of living combined with low wages have reduced the amount some households have to spend on food. Research carried out by Sheffield Hallam University suggests that up to 27,000 families in Shropshire will be affected by the culminative welfare reforms. Food banks across the county are reporting an increase in the numbers of people seeking assistance with food.

Shropshire Larder brings together information for people who find themselves in a food crisis, including how to get a food bank referral and the location and opening times of food banks across the county. It also highlights community food projects where food is available for free or at low cost. Groups across Shropshire are cooking meals where people can come together to eat, community fridges where surplus food is available for free, and growing projects where fresh fruit and vegetables can be shared by the community. The site also lists all the places across the county where people can go for help and advice with budgeting or debt support.

The Shropshire Larder website has been set up by the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance, a group of organisations including Citizens Advice Shropshire, Shropshire Council, Age UK and Shropshire Food Banks and Shrewsbury Food Hub. The alliance has been working together to research levels of food poverty in Shropshire and identify solutions. See for further information.

Lee Chapman, Chair of Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board said:

“The Shropshire Larder website is an excellent initiative, and a highly valuable resource for people experiencing food crisis. We are pleased to support the work of the Food Poverty Alliance through ‘Healthy Lives’ which is the prevention programme of the Health and Wellbeing Board. I would encourage anyone to take a look at the website and share with their communities.”

Jackie Jeffrey, CEO, Citizens Advice Shropshire said:

“Last year we saw a 22% increase in clients needing food bank vouchers, so we know that more people are finding themselves in financial difficulty and unable to afford food. The good news is there is help available across the county for people who are struggling and the new Shropshire Larder website is a great place to find out what is local to you’. 

Emily Fay, the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance coordinator said;

 “We know that more people are finding themselves falling into food poverty, but there are lots of places across Shropshire to turn to for help and support. If you would like to add information to the Shropshire Larder website please get in touch.”  

The website can be found at

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