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Shropshire VCSA:
Translating the Civil Society Strategy into local action

A facilitated workshop

9.15am to 12.30pm Monday 11th February 2019
Council Chamber, Shirehall

The Government’s vision for the future of a civil society is that we need to look at five foundations of social value: people, places, the social sector, the private sector, and the public sector. In the past we have too often thought of these foundations as separate from each other. But when they work together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This Strategy is not intended as the final word or a fixed statement on the government’s work in relation to civil society. On the contrary, it is the beginning of an ambitious, evolving work programme to help build a strong society.

Up and down the country, charities, social enterprises and community & voluntary organisations bind society together—and are crucial to the active promotion of the social capital necessary for the development of thriving, healthy and happy communities. In the same way, the public and private sector influence and shape the local area, serving and engaging with people in the places they live. Building communities can only improve our thinking, our actions and our accountabilities, maximising both our social impact and our charitable mission.

For much of the social sector—diverse, varied and dedicated to all manner of causes—rethinking service development, delivery and collaboration with local people to meet the needs of place (as opposed to providing a service that is then offered to places) will require hard work. It will mean taking on new responsibilities in the organisation of local places, the partnerships and strategies that underpin them. It will also require fresh, collective thinking about the long-term future of commissioning and public service markets, stretched to their limits after nearly a decade of austerity.

Through this workshop we aim to consider the 2018 Civil Society Strategy;

  • Better understand our opportunities for new models of place-based organisation, leadership, partnership and delivery;
  • Think about how we can work better together to overcome the ongoing effects of austerity, including the potential reformation of commissioning processes and realising the aspirations for collaborative commissioning;
  • How can we work together to acknowledge the power and potential of place-based working and the social sector’s unique and compelling role in both devising and delivering it;
  • Consider the need for new models of support and learning from elsewhere.

Please book your place here.

A job  vacancy is open  for a Chair for Shropshire Doctors Co-operative Limited ( Shropdoc).

Please see the links below for details and how to apply:

Chair advert Jan 2018

Chair JD Final 19-12-18

Extended Closing date: 15th February 2019

Effective Grievance Handling

Free HR Breakfast Briefing

Tuesday 26th February 08.45 – 10.00

Oswestry: AICO Ltd, Mile End Business Park, SY10 8NN

Join our team on the 26th February for an overview as to how you can use disciplinary procedures as an aid to effective management, and how these enable you to resolve issues quickly (and cheaply) before spilling over into a potentially costly employment tribunal.

 Including a complimentary breakfast, the morning’s session will focus on:

  • What discipline and grievance means
  • Introducing procedures (skills and knowledge)
  • The law surrounding discipline and grievance
  • Handling grievance hearings and appeals
  • Whether to address issues formally or informally

Who should attend?

Supervisors or managers with responsibility for handling or participating in disciplinary or grievance procedures, whether this relates to the informal management of employees, conducting investigations, or controlling formal hearing or appeal meeting stages.

Limited Spaces Available

 To book, please contact:

Darren Edwards – Business Partner

Tel: 07458120561


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