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Please share your news and events with other members of Shropshire VCS Assembly.

As a member of Shropshire VCS Assembly, this is your newsletter. Please feel free to send information through for inclusion. We love to share your updates with other VCS Assembly members and tell others about all the great work taking place in Shropshire. You can use the newsletter to:

  • Promote VCS events, activities or services
  • Highlight public sector news of interest to the VCS
  • Promote cross sector partnership working
  • Find others interested in getting involved in any activity you are planning

Please respect that the newsletter is supported by Shropshire Council. Although the independence of the sector is valued and respected, any political articles, or those designed for lobbying purposes may not be appropriate.

You can send articles for the news to:

Please submit any articles in advance of deadlines. Newsletters go out around 4pm on a Monday afternoon so if you can provide any articles by Friday at 12 noon at the latest that is really helpful. Please remember to write the article in a way that is suitable for the VCSA news. Don’t forget to include key details such as any dates, deadlines, links, contact telephone/email etc. If you need any more information or have any questions please get in touch.

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