National Charity Coalition

Representatives from a number of charities, infrastructure organisations and membership bodies have  signed up to a commitment to “rethink how the social sector works with partners, communities and causes”.

The declaration commits the signatories to “advocate and begin to campaign for a broad shift in thinking” about how the social sector works with local communities and to engage with “people in the places they live and build communities” to improve “the social sector’s efficacy, accountability and legitimacy – and maximise both our social impact and mission”.

Seven place-based committments made for 2019 are:

  • Discuss how to better shape and agree the place agenda with partners, policymakers, funders and local people;
  • Make the case for a range of models of place-based organisation, leadership, partnership and delivery and try to understand if there are common feature which make them effective;
  • Think about how we can work better together to overcome the ongoing effects of austerity on the sector, including the potential for reforming commissioning processes and realising the aspirations for collaborative commissioning in the 2018 Civil Society Strategy;
  • Share what exists and encourage new, locally developed, tools that can be used by communities, councils, businesses and charities to build and renew their place networks from the ground up, and disseminate existing ones;
  • Agree priorities for re-investment in social infrastructure—and how we can help bring this about; and
  • Promote the need for social sector improvement, including new models of support for small-to-medium charities provided by large charities, other social organisations and the private sector.

You can read the full article from Civil Society here:

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