Independent Inquiry Publishes Findings

Charities and other civil society organisations must make radical changes and behave differently to ensure they are fit for the challenges of the future, or risk becoming irrelevant, a two-year study has concluded.

Civil Society Futures, an independent inquiry led by Julia Unwin, has today published its final report, The Story of Our Times: shifting power, bridging divides, transforming society, which says fundamental changes to how charities and other civil society actors operate are needed to ensure there is more accountability to beneficiaries. The report outlines major changes which need to happen in four areas:

  • Power: power needs to be shifted so that everyone is involved in decision-making
  • Accountability: organisations must be more accountable to communities they serve
  • Connection: civil society must build broader and deeper connections within and between communities
  • Trust: organisations need to put effort into building and earning trust and ensure they are behaving in line with their values

Read the full article here: Civil Society

Find the report here:

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