You Made It Happen Campaign

NCVO are launching a new campaign. NCVO’s research with members of the public highlights that people want to know about the difference their support has made. They want to know how their donations, their volunteer hours, have helped. Thousands of charities around the country make a real difference every day.

NCVO wants to remind people of everything that’s great about charities, and show them we’re all very grateful for their support. To do this, they are asking every charity to use the hashtag #YouMadeItHappen on social media on Monday 19 November.

It’s an opportunity to thank your own supporters, and after a time when some charities have had media attention for negative reasons, for all of us to show the difference we make together. Join NCVO by thinking of the messages you want to highlight and using the hashtag on Monday 19 November.

For example:

  • This year, we helped over 300 homeless people in Manchester find permanent accommodation. We couldn’t have done it without your support #YouMadeItHappen
  • Thanks to your support, we re-planted 200 acres of forest last year #YouMadeItHappen
  • Eve’s village now has access to safe drinking water because of your donations #YouMadeItHappen

NCVO would also like to remind us all that it’s Giving Tuesday the following week. #YouMadeItHappen is a great chance to say thank you to supporters and volunteers and show the difference you’ve made together ahead of Giving Tuesday.

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