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£20m Fund to Provide Private Rented Sector Access for Homeless
Launched on World Homeless Day, the new £20 million Private Rented Sector Access Fund will support schemes that will enable better access and sustainment of tenancies for nearly 9,000 people who are, or at risk of becoming homeless. As a key part of the government’s Rough Sleeping Strategy, the fund will be used to either help set up locally-led schemes or expand those currently in use. These schemes will be tailored to match the needs of each local area’s residents and landlords. This may be of interest to organisations working to support people in private sector rented accommodation and those at risk of homlessness. Find out more here.

New Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust Programme
The programme, which is funded by the UK Government as part of the enduring Armed Forces Covenant Fund, intends to provide additional resources to fill the gaps in existing statutory provision for those who do not meet the usual criteria for hospitalisation and inpatient treatment, while avoiding an overlap with any of the current mental-health services or statutory support. By doing so it will deliver two of the Armed Forces Covenant’s four core themes – providing non-core healthcare services for veterans, and providing extra support after service for those that need help. Find out more here and here.

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