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As part of the NHS England award of funding for Individual Placement Support Services (IPS) for Shropshire, Shropshire Council is commissioning a benefits, advocacy, debt advice and support service.

NHS England has launched a new transformation fund for Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services. It aims to support the expansion of IPS services so that more people who experience serious mental illness (SMI) can find and retain employment.

Rates of employment are lower for people with mental health problems than for any other group of health conditions. IPS is an evidence-based approach to providing employment support for people experiencing serious mental health problems, shown to be twice as effective as vocational rehabilitation, and associated with reduced utilisation of other services, including use of inpatient admissions.

The invitation to quote is available on Shropshire Council’s website and attached here: Invitation to Quote – Better Off in Work Checks

Website: Doing Business with Shropshire Council

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