Volunteer Plus: A National Website For Volunteering

A new national Volunteer Plus website will be launched next Monday during Volunteers Week 2018.

Powered by Volunteer Plus software and the data of Volunteer Centres from 10 counties including Essex, Shropshire, Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex and Newcastle, the website will enable volunteers throughout England to search for opportunities local to them.

More than 45 Volunteer Centres nationally are already using Volunteer Plus software. It has supported approximately 35,000 enquiries and 28,000 new registrations over the past year. This includes 10 Volunteer Centres throughout Essex which combined efforts to create Volunteer Essex.

Volunteer Centres who wish to be part of the planned website can find out more about the Volunteer Plus software by emailing hello@volunteerplus.org.uk, calling 01621 842511 or, from Monday, by visiting www.volunteerplus.org.uk/volunteer-centres.

National charities who would like a presence on the website are also invited to get in contact to discuss advertising opportunities.

The Volunteer Plus website will be live on Monday 4 June at: www.volunteerplus.org.uk.

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