Funding RoundUp

Churchill Fellowship Applications Invited Now for Travel in 2019

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is offering funding for UK citizens to travel anywhere in the world to carry out research projects investigating inspiring practice in other countries to identify new and better ways of tackling a wide range of current challenges facing the UK.

Churchill Fellowships are available to applicants from all backgrounds, professions, ages and levels of experience and fund overseas trips of four to eight weeks to carry out projects that:

  • Can provide public benefit in the UK – to a community, a sector or the country as a whole.
  • Could not be researched in the UK and therefore require overseas travel.
  • Are not already being implemented widely in the UK.

Eligible projects must fall within the following categories:

  • Artists and makers
  • Education
  • Emergency services: crisis prevention, response and recovery
  • Enterprise: supporting social impact
  • Environment, conservation and sustainable living
  • Healthcare: innovations for the twenty-first century
  • Migration: living well together
  • New Approaches to Social and Affordable Housing
  • Nursing and Allied Health Professions
  • Rural living: strengthening countryside communities
  • Science, technology and engineering
  • Suicide: prevention, intervention and postvention
  • Young people’s awards
  • Open category: for projects that do not fall within the remit of the other categories.

Up to 150 Fellowships are awarded each year. The value of a Churchill Fellowship varies from case to case based on the project, destination(s) to be visited and the duration of the Fellowship. Grants usually cover a stay overseas of between four to eight weeks.

The application deadline for travel in 2019 is 18 September 2018. Click here for more information.

Defra Announces Enhancements to Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme

The Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme helps farmers in England to buy the equipment they need to boost productivity, save time and increase yields.

Farmers can apply online, requesting a grant of between £3,000 and £12,000 towards the costs of farm equipment. Grants can cover up to 40% of the eligible costs within an application.

The scheme has proved popular so far, with more than 3,500 grants worth £23.5 million being awarded to successful applicants. However, Defra has become aware that some farmers are experiencing issues with the delivery of their items in the first round of funding within the scheme’s 150-day deadline.

Farmers who purchase their equipment and submit their claims within the 150-day deadline can now take delivery of their equipment after the 150 days and will receive payment once the item has been delivered.

Defra has announced it will be launching a second round of funding, due to open in the autumn, giving farmers who withdrew their applications the option to have it reinstated now or in the next round. The Rural Payments Agency will be contacting grant recipients who have an offer for livestock handling equipment but have withdrawn because of issues with livestock handling equipment, to inform them of this option.

Most of the items offered through the scheme are readily available from different stockists, so applicants are encouraged to shop around when looking for items so that they can claim as quickly as possible.

Further details on the planned second round of grants will follow in the coming months. Click here for more information. Small Business Grants Initiative – June Applications Invited

The Small Business Grants Initiative gives promising new businesses the opportunity to receive a cash prize to help them become established and grow their operations into successful enterprises.

Every month, one business deemed by a panel of independent judges to be the most deserving will benefit from a package including a financial grant, as well as being featured on the Small Business Grants website as a monthly winner.

The winners will be those companies deemed to have the most potential in their sector, based on factors such as turnover growth, innovation, aspiration, key projects completed, contracts won and partnerships forged.

The prize for each Promotion is a cash deposit of £5,000. This is a grant that does not have to be repaid. In addition to receiving cash, grant winners will benefit from editorial coverage exploring how they used the money; articles that offer an insight into how a cash injection can benefit small businesses and help them flourish.

The money can be used towards marketing the business offering, investing in technology, or perhaps taking on some part-time staff.

Small businesses in the UK that are actively trading, at least one year old and with a turnover between £50,000 and £500,000 annually may apply. Small businesses are those that employ fewer than 50 staff. The business could be operating in any sector, for example a cafe, those operating a business from home, or perhaps managing a franchise.

Applications must be submitted by the end of June. Click here for more information.

JRCT’s Sustainable Future Fund Accepting Applications for August Deadline

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) ‘is deeply concerned’ about climate change and its effects and acknowledges that ‘addressing climate change will require long-term political, economic and social changes’.

The Sustainable Future programme provides grant funding (there is no set minimum or maximum amount) for work in the UK that addresses the following priorities:

Better economics – for work that:

  • Explores and promotes ways that well-being and sustainability, rather than traditional forms of economic growth, could be placed at the heart of public policy.
  • Explores and promotes mechanisms that could better align business and investor behaviour with environmental sustainability and the long-term public interest.
  • Researches and develops innovations and new practical models of enterprise that can be embedded within community practice.
  • Challenges future investment in, or subsidies for, fossil fuels.

Beyond consumerism – for:

  • Campaigns, initiatives and mechanisms which encourage radical, large scale shifts in behaviour and culture away from consumerism towards more sustainable ways of living.
  • Exploration of initiatives and models which promote positive alternatives to consumerism for a more fulfilled life.
  • Engages people individually and collectively in holistic and value-led approaches to transformed behaviour and lifestyle, as an alternative to consumerism.

New voices – for:

  • Campaigns and movements that give marginalised or under-represented groups a voice on issues of environmental and economic justice.
  • Initiatives that encourage organisations from outside the traditional environmental field to get involved in environmental justice.
  • Networks that link and support local environmental justice groups.
  • The replication of innovative local projects regionally or nationally.

The Trust is interested in funding work which:

  • Is about removing problems through radical solutions, and not simply about making problems easier to live with.
  • Has a clear sense of objectives, and of how to achieve them.
  • Is innovative and imaginative.
  • Has a good chance of making a difference with the grant funding.

The next deadline for applications is 20 August 2018 (12 noon). Click here for more information.

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