Number 10 Launches New Policy Unit

New policy unit designed to improve relations with the voluntary sector

Number Ten has set up a new policy unit to improve relations with charities, faith organisations and businesses.

Charlotte Lawson, who was previously development and strategic partnerships director at the Centre for Social Justice, joined the new government relations team last week as a special adviser to lead on the “development of the government’s relationships with the voluntary sector”. 

She is one of number of staff appointed by Number Ten to improve relations with key groups.

Karl Wilding, director of public policy at NCVO, said he was encouraged by the new initiative.

“It’s based in Number Ten so it has the imprimatur of the Prime Minister on it,” he said. “This seems to me to be part of the social reform agenda that May made a big deal of when she first came to office. We welcome this new interest from the Prime Minister. 

“It’s indicative of a stronger commitment to working with the voluntary sector, which has also been evidenced in a number of conversations I’ve had at the Conservative Party Conference so far.”

Source: Civil Society

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