NAVCA Impact Summit

NAVCA are holding an Impact Summit in Birmingham on 3 November. This event is not just for Chief Officers – it is for all staff and trustees of their members. 

The day begins with host Brian Carr, Chief Officer at BVSC welcoming you to the lovely city of Birmingham followed by Neil McInroy of CLES, Immy Kaur, Impact Hub Birmingham and Andrew O’Brien of Charity Finance Group. The speakers will challenge attendees to look at the current landscape and the role of civil society.

Next they have lined up six thought-provoking workshops to bring attendees together, help learn and enable others to share their knowledge. You can choose from:

  • SPoC: a logical move for local infrastructure
    Can a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) in the local VCS be the catalyst for greater involvement and participation of local people and communities in local services? If it is, it looks like a job for local infrastructure!
  • Leading change
    Dealing with change is one of the hardest things to do particularly for local infrastructure as we have to lead the local sector understand and manage change. This workshop will help you lead change in your community.
  • The wonder of infrastructure
    Austerity has caused local infrastructure to go through a period of introspection. This view from the outside explains why local infrastructure has a great contemporary appeal and is attractive to local funders.
  • Doing things differently
    Good local infrastructure adapts to the times. This workshop showcases examples of infrastructure that is changing the way it delivers support to local communities.
  • Power to the people
    Current devolution plans put economic growth before people. How can local infrastructure support the genuine transfer of power to people and communities we want?
  • Merger is so 2010 – so what’s the alternative?
    With the advent of programmes such as Sustainability and Transformation Plans, are there more creative ways we can work together to ensure local communities continue to benefit from high quality local infrastructure?

Closing the summit will be NAVCA’s Chief Executive Neil Cleeveley discussing how the VCS can support one another; and Karl Wilding, Director of Public Policy and Volunteering at NCVO on leadership and campaigning. Finally there will be the AGM and a drinks reception.

This event is for our members – if you are unsure whether you are a member or wish to join please contact us at

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