0-25 Autism Needs Assessment

In 2015 we shared an opportunity with VCSA Members and asked you to contribute to the development of the 0-25 Autism Needs Assessment for Shropshire.

In a previous newsletter we have  circulated the needs assessment and recommendations – the final report is available here.

Shropshire Together are pleased to provide an update about how these recommendations are being taken forward. The full list of recommendations can be found summarised on pages 4-5 and in more detail on pages 46-48 in the attached document.

The Needs Assessment proved very timely as NHS England has provided each local area an uplift of funding to support young people’s mental health. As such, many of the recommendations are being addressed through the Shropshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Transformation Plan. Please use this link to read a public briefing about the transformation plan: https://shropshire.gov.uk/committee-services/documents/b10057/Shropshire%20CAMHS%20Transformation%20Plan%2004th-Dec-2015%2009.30%20Health%20and%20Wellbeing%20Board.pdf?T=9 Please note that the full CAMHS Transformation Plan will be published in the near future.

Where other recommendations from the 0-25 Autism Needs Assessment are not specifically mentioned in the CAMHS Transformation Plan, these actions are under consideration by the working group who will be delivering the above Transformation Plan. Due to increased financial commitment the working group now has the opportunity to investigate these other recommendations further.

Shropshire Together would like to thank VCSA Members for their help with the production of this work. If you have any queries relating to the Autism recommendations and future work, please contact: Penny Bason at penny.bason@shropshire.gov.uk

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