Statement About Keith Barrow

Keith Barrow has announced on Friday 4 December 2015 that he is standing down as Leader of Shropshire Council, and as local Shropshire Councillor for Oswestry South.

Clive Wright, Shropshire Council’s chief executive, said:-

“These are unprecedented times of change and budget cuts for local government, and the enormous pressure upon councillors, particularly the Leader and Cabinet, should not be underestimated.

“Councillor Barrow has contributed an enormous amount of his personal time and a combination of skills and attributes which have shaped the strategy and direction of Shropshire as a whole. In my view the greatest legacy of his strong leadership is University Centre Shrewsbury, which could not have happened without his bold decision-making.

“He has several grandchildren who he dearly loves, and I sincerely hope that by stepping down from the council he will now have the time to enjoy them as fully as I know he would wish.

“This is a good time for change, and it feels like a new era as we shape our strategy for the next five years. There are new opportunities as well as challenges, as the purpose of local authorities will change completely. It will be tough at times, but with a new Leader to be elected at our next meeting of full Council on Thursday 17 December, and the continued enthusiasm of our committed staff working closely with elected councillors, communities and our partners, we will ensure that Shropshire continues to succeed.”

Statement issued by Shropshire Council on Shropshire Newsroom – click here to view.

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