Local Action to Support Refugees

Rachel Wintle, Chair of Shropshire VCS Assembly (VCSA) will be representing the VCSA within a new Refugee Cross Working Party established by Shropshire Council. The group brings together Shropshire Council, Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), West Mercia Police and other key partners and stakeholders. The group will meet every two weeks to ensure Shropshire does what it can to support the national effort to provide support for refugees.

We will circulate more information over the coming weeks as it is made available. However, in the mean time we have an important question for VCS Assembly Members…..

Do you know of any activity already in place in Shropshire to develop support for refugees? For example fundraising, donations, offers of befriending etc.

However local or small that support may be it is important for that effort to be recognised. The county group is keen to ensure it does not duplicate any work already in place and builds a list of contacts that may be updated as more information becomes available.

Please can you inform us of any support you are aware of. Please email: vcsassembly@shropshire.gov.uk or refugeeshropshire@shropshire.gov.uk

Follow the link to read the Shropshire Council Newsroom article “Shropshire Council prepares to resettle Syrian refugees

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