Do you support people with a hoarding disorder?

Do you provide support or guidance for vulnerable people in Shropshire dealing with issues around hoarding in their homes?

A hoarding disorder is where someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner. The items can be of little or no monetary value and usually result in unmanageable amounts of clutter.

It’s considered to be a significant problem if:

• the amount of clutter interferes with everyday living.
• the clutter is causing significant distress or negatively affecting the person’s quality of life or the quality of life of family members.

Hoarding disorders can be challenging to treat and often require cognitive behavioural therapy. Experienced mental health workers and experts in OCD are often contacted for support and advice.

Voluntary sector organisations have strong local networks and are well placed to understand where such problems exist and where support is available at the local level. If your organisation has supported people with a hoarding disorder or signposted to others please get in touch so that a better local understanding of this important issue can be established.

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