Community Energy Peer Mentoring Fund

This new funding is designed to help groups working in the area of mobilising social action and peer mentoring approaches to achieve energy targets to get off the ground so they can start saving money and generating energy in their community. It will also help existing groups to professionalise, develop business plans and scale up their work.

Voluntary organisations, social enterprises, social business, neighbourhood associations, and faith based groups can apply for grants between £10,000 and £50,000 provided by the Cabinet Office’s Centre for Social Action in partnership with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The aims of the Fund are to:

• Formalise and build upon existing mentoring relationships in the community energy sector.

• Build mutual benefit for mentoring organisations by allowing them to gain evaluation and reporting skills.

• Create a body of evidence that peer mentoring relationships have an impact on energy targets.

• Develop a standardised evaluation framework or ‘playbook’ for the wider community energy sector to use.

• Support groups to share their experiences, lessons learnt and ideas by providing an online platform.

• Equip groups with the tools, skills and experience they need to form evidenced proposals to other funding bodies – making the sector more sustainable.

Organisations have until 12 December 2013 to apply.



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